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Wegmans is a large supermarket chain along the northern coast of the US that sells almost everything under the sun. For a large international chain, they did pretty well behind the scenes but for customers there aren’t a lot of waste free options. The takeout containers at Wegmans are plastic as well as the silverware. The silverware for the store is plastic with 30% plant material. Though a step up from plastic, those utensils still can’t be composted. The napkins are made from recycled material but can’t be composted. Even if the napkins could be composted, there are no compost bins for customers. There are, however, a lot of recycling bins, though after talking with an employee we found out there is also a lot of contamination in the recycling. Behind the scenes, Wegmans is much better. They have a compost bin for every department and it is estimated that 80% of their food waste is composted. There is also plastic bag recycling for employees for bags that aren’t used. There is employee training for both recycling and compost which is unique for chain stores. Last, after a tour of the breakroom, we found large displays near the recycling, compost, and trash cans of the right things to put in each. We were impressed by Wegmans. Though they don’t have a lot of options for customers, the food waste and plastic waste management was great


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