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Mochiko: Two Stars

If you have ever been to Fifth Street Station, you might have seen Alamo Drafthouse or Wegmans, but buried deep in a corner is a local gem of a restaurant called Mochiko. Mochiko sells amazing Hawaiian food and is very focused on takeout. This is a challenge when trying to be waste free, because you need something to put takeout in. However, for a local business trying to survive, Mochiko did surprisingly well. Let's start with packaging and silverware. The takeout containers are made from compostable materials and the silverware is compostable too. Unfortunately, Mochiko does not compost but they encourage you to. Though they use plastic bags, they pose the question before giving you one so if you aren't going far you can just hold your food. Mochiko does recycle and there is a large bin out for anyone who needs it. Though this is miniscule, Mochiko doesn't have any straws which is amazing! For a local restaurant, Mochiko is doing pretty well on the waste front. To learn about the specifics of how we rate restaurants check out our MarieBette review and next time you're in Mochiko tell them that you want them to start composting and congratulate them on taking the first steps towards a better future.

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