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Chimm is a locally owned restaurant serving Thai food. There are several locations in Charlottesville. A group of SMACC members recently visited the restaurant at 5th Street Station for lunch. We enjoyed a variety of dishes, and we had a chance to talk to our server, Ali, about the sustainable practices at the restaurant. Chimm has taken actions to prevent excessive waste in their restaurant by composting some of their food waste from the kitchen. They try to purchase vegetables from local farms when in season. They also serve locally sourced beverages, like coffee from Shark Mountain. Their tofu comes from Twin Oaks. Chimm also uses paper straws and recycles their glass bottles and cans. When they serve takeout, compostable containers are normally used, unless a customer purchases something such as soup, in which case, plastic is used. They do not use any Styrofoam. Chimm has taken many steps to lessen any negative impact that they might have had on the earth. And the food is delicious! By Kaia and Maisie

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